Give: change the lives of street children today

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100% MODEL

100% of public donations are directed entirely to the point of need.  Our overhead costs are very minimal and are funded completely by private donors to make this possible.  



Good stewardship is integral, as all resources ultimately belong to the Lord.  Detailed monthly budgets are produced (down to the slice of bread) so we know exactly where all funds are going. 

Support the Maridhiano Home

Feed, house, and educate the children at the Maridhiano Home.


Support the Halfway House

Feed, house, and care for the children at the Halfway House.    


Support the Construction Costs

We are currently raising funds to pave the floors, improve the pit latrines, and build a permanent home for Pastor Shigonde and his family on the land.


Fund Water 

A 250m well was drilled on the property and yielded abudant, clean drinking water.  Now, we need to buy and install a solar powered electric pump.