Our work is faith-based and Kenyan-led. 

Without Jesus we are powerless.  Without Kenyan leadership we are ineffective.



Our faith in Jesus is central to who we are, and we hope to be active, visible bearers of God's truth and love.  We aim to follow Jesus' example in working alongside the poor and oppressed and recognize that without him, nothing is possible.  

We believe that we must do more than simply meet the physical needs of Kenyan street children.  Poverty and society send a defeating message into the hearts of street children: a message that says, "You don't matter.  You are worthless."  Introducing these children to the love of their Heavenly Father and the life-changing message of Jesus is the most powerful way to reverse this message.  Through Jesus lives can be transformed and children can be given a deep sense of purpose, worth, and dignity.

We recognize the power of the local church and believe that by God's grace, the church can boldly declare his message of truth and demonstrate his unconditional love.  As a result, our ministry is centered around a church located in the heart of one of Nairobi's largest slums where many street children live.  Pastors, elders, and volunteers from the church lead the ministry and tangibly serve as the hands and feet of Christ while the physical church buildings provide children a safe refuge from the perils of the streets.  We believe that street children can experience and come to know God's great love through his church on earth.  

We are committed to prayer, believing that God hears the cries and petitions of his people. He is powerful to act and can bring complete restoration and renewal to lives and communities.  We rely on Jesus and know that lasting change can only be accomplished through him.  We strive to always keep him at the center of our ministry knowing that apart from him, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)


We believe that the most effective and knowledgeable leaders of this ministry are Kenyans, as they best understand the cultural intricacies and societal challenges affecting those we serve.  Our Kenyan leaders know the context, as they interact with street children on a daily basis.  They have a strong grasp of the culture and a deep, personal love for the people.  

We believe that Kenyans can identify methods of ministry that will be most beneficial, projects that will be relevant and achievable, and strategies that will yield the greatest impact.  We are committed to listening to their opinions and implementing their ideas.  It is our aim to be fully Kenyan-led.

Pastor Silvanus Shigonde, Kenyan leader of Maridhiano Ministries 

Pastor Silvanus Shigonde, Kenyan leader of Maridhiano Ministries 

We believe that our role is to:  


We come alongside ministry leaders in Kenya and partner with them relationally and financially.  We recognize the work can be physically and emotionally demanding and we seek to bring encouragement and support. 


We utilize our strengths and talents, believing that the body of Christ is most effective when working together.  We train leaders, coach children, and share knowledge, resources, and ideas in order to equip those in Kenya. 


We motivate Kenyans to lead their people and bring change to their communities. Through prayer and partnership, we hope to help cultivate their God-given strengths and inspire them to follow God's call upon their lives.