Pastor Shigonde

Pastor Silvanus Shigonde is the Pastor of African Evangelical Presbyterian Church Kiberia Branch and founder of Maridhiano Ministries.  The church is located in the heart of Kawangaware slum, one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  

As Pastor Shigonde walked down the unpaved, muddy streets of Kawangware slum to preach at the church, his heart was greatly stirred and felt compassion for the many children taking refuge on the streets nearby.  Pastor Shigonde began to develop bonds of trust with these children by offering these boys what little food he had and engaging with them in genuine conversation.  He began to hold consistent weekly outreaches at his church, specifically targeting children living on the Kawangware slum streets and constructed a  small 14’ x 14’ corrugated iron shack in 2009, sufficient to house 10 boys and a volunteer house parent.  

By God’s grace and with Pastor Shigonde's leadership, the ministry has continued to expand and develop.  The USA contacts have worked closely with Pastor Shigonde for many years and have been blessed with his wisdom, humbled by his humility, and encouraged by his fervent love for God.   He has a God-given passion and love for these children and sacrifices his own money, time, and effort to serve them.  He is wise and careful with money, providing specific monthly ministry budgets down to the slice of bread.  Pastor Shigonde is a trustworthy, honest, hard working, passionate, God-fearing man and someone who is seeking the Lord constantly for direction.  It is because of the Lord's work in Pastor Shigonde's life that Maridhiano Ministries exists.  

Caroline Wainaina 

Caroline serves as the house mother at the Maridhiano Home.  She lives at the home and is able to give consistent, nurturing motherly love to the children, many who are orphaned and have little to no memories of their biological mother.  She started volunteering in January 2016 and in addition to cooking, cleaning, and being "mom" to the boys, she actively mentors the children and pours into their lives.

USA Contacts

John & Kimberly McKay