Maridhiano serves in two locations in Kenya.


Location 1: Outreaches and Halfway House

Kawangaware Slum (Nairobi)


Location 2: Maridhiano Home  

Saikeri (20 miles from Nairobi)  

About the Maridhiano Home Property






Houses 40 children


The Maridhiano Home is permanent place to call “home” for former street children.    Located 20 miles and about forty-five minutes by car from Nairobi, the land is located on a peaceful, five-acre property that sits on top of a hill providing picturesque views of the surrounding Great Rift Valley. The location is an ideal environment for rehabilitation as it is away from the temptations and struggles of the slums.

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A large building has been constructed and is currently housing 40 children.  Two smaller structures have also been built to house staff and volunteers.  

A 250m well was drilled on the land which yielded abundant, clean water.  

The Maridhiano children are actively involved with construction efforts and the cultivation of the land.  Through this, they are being taught valuable life lessons and practical skills.  

Maridhiano children help to cultivate the land and build structures

Maridhiano children help to cultivate the land and build structures

Pastor Shigonde moving furniture and leading the development of the land

Pastor Shigonde moving furniture and leading the development of the land

With great intentionality, wisdom, and prayer Pastor Shigonde has led the development of the property.  He has actively participated in each step and proven himself to be a humble, hands-on leader.  

Pastor Shigonde's vision is that street outreaches and the halfway home in Kawangware slum will continue and when children are ready, they will be transitioned to the permanent Maridhiano Home.


The Maridhiano property will serve as a place of rehabilitation for former street children and be light in the community.

The Maridhiano property will include: 


Maridhiano Home - a living facility complete with dormitories, a kitchen, dining hall, and study rooms for prior street children

Maridhiano School - a school to serve the Maridhiano children and also those in the surrounding community

Maridhiano Church - a church serving as a light proclaiming the love and truth of Jesus Christ in the community 



 "... so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” Jn 3:14-15

  • Jesus would be lifted up in everything we do, and that by looking upon him by faith, children would receive the gift of salvation.
  • From atop this hill, the light of Christ and his unfailing love would shine to the surrounding community.
  • The home would be a place where children experience genuine emotional healing and discover the hope and life found in Jesus - a hope that bestows a deep sense of purpose, worth, and dignity.
  • Through education the school would provide sustainable income generating opportunities as children develop the practical and social skills necessary to be godly contributors to their communities.


Projects in process: 

  • Building additional structures for school activities and church services
  • Raising funds for a solar powered electric pump for the well 

We are currently raising money to purchase and install a solar powered electric pump for the well.  Since the well is 250m deep the water is too deep to pump by hand. The most sustainable solution is to install a solar powered electric pump to provide long-term access to clean water.  We plan to use the well water to not only provide water for the ministry but also as a sustainable income generating project to provide water to nearby communities.

The Story


Purchasing land in Kenya can be a difficult task. Maridhiano wanted the land purchase to be faith-based and Kenyan-led.  The Lord raised Pastor Shigonde to be an excellent leader and ordained his steps to lead the process.

Pastor Shigonde researched plots and visited several potential properties just outside of Nariobi.  With each potential property he obtained the property number and visited the Land and Housing Department to have the parcel verified only to discover that most of the plots had troublesome issues not with the land itself, but rather with legal issues with the sellers. On one occasion when Shigonde was verifying a piece of property, he recognized a government official he had met years before at a church function who was now a senior level official working for the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development in the Kenyan government.  The official's heart was touched and amazed when he saw the transformation of the former street boys and the authenticity of the street ministry.  He pledged to help Shigonde find a property and graciously introduced Shigonde to a "hidden gem" - a property within budget with a clean title deed sitting atop a picturesque hill in the Great Rift Valley, a perfect place to call home.  

After visiting the land, Shigonde's heart was filled with peace and he felt that this was where the ministry should permanently settle.    On one occasion when Pastor Shigonde was visiting the land, he was enthusiastically embraced by a Maasai neighbor named John. Shigonde told him the story of the street ministry and explained that he was a pastor and had a vision to plant a church and settle the land as a new permanent home for the ministry. Shigonde was overwhelmed with joy when John explained how a church was needed in the area and welcomed the relocation of a children’s home to the area. “You are now my pastor,” said John and he offered Shigonde to use his land and guest house to sleep and store supplies to help him settle the land. The encounter with the neighbor was a defining moment in Shigonde’s life knowing that the Lord had already worked in the hearts of the people surrounding the land to welcome the ministry and be a field ready for sowing seeds of the gospel.