We minister to current and former street children in Kenya by  

reaching and rescuing current street children

REACHING & RESCUING                          current street children

Rehabilitating  former street children 

REHABILITATING                               former street children

Reconciling all to Jesus and to one another

 RECONCILING                                        all to Jesus and to one another

The mission of Maridhiano Ministries is to:

partner with African evangelical church leaders to meet the physical and spiritual needs

of orphaned and vulnerable children through Kenyan-led projects.

to accomplish this mission we seek to:


Reaching children on the streets of Kenya who have been driven from their homes by poverty, abuse, or neglect.  These children are trapped in a cycle of physical and emotional abandonment and reached through feeding programs, Bible studies, and intentional outreaches in the slum. 

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Rescuing children from the hopelessness and the life-threatening dangers of being on the streets by bringing them to a halfway house where they can experience love, peace, and safety.  Through acts of love, their basic physical needs for safety, shelter, food, clothing, and medical care are met. 

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Rehabilitating former street children in a permanent home with unconditional love and acceptance to help them experience genuine emotional healing.  Children are equipped with life skills and given academic and vocational training to become godly contributors to their communities.     

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Reconciling street children by sharing the gospel.  The work of reconciliation is an expression of God's love that gives hope, purpose, worth, and dignity to all.  By faith in Jesus, children can be reconciled with God and by His grace, experience reconciliation with society.

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